Our Company

OKBB Sdn Bhd, founded in 2000, is a prominent purveyor of full range baby products in Malaysia, from baby apparels, feeding accessories, bedding, toiletries to gift sets, available nationwide and online.
We are the creator of the famous OKBB brand and official license partner of leading global brands – The Walt Disney Company Brands.

Our Brand

OKBB” means “Okay!  Baby”.It mirrors the promise of love, care, encouragement, from a parent to a child.  The four alphabets “OKBB” represent what we stand for and aspire to be:  celebrating parenthood and a household name.

Our Beliefs

We believe:

1.  In the Joy of Parenting

The essence of our being is best captured by this:

“You were born into this world,

Your mom and dad saw a dream come true,

Each time you smile,  they sing “joy” to you!

OKBB brings more Joy to Parenting”

2.  In Quality

We believe in making superior quality products at affordable price.  We want our customers to get consistent, good quality products and services from OKBB.  This is what we are.  

For this end, we instituted OKBB Quality Management System to deliver good quality products consistently. 

To enshrine this mandate,  we motivated for ISO 9001 recognition so that every process and procedure from top down in our company is subjected to external scrutiny and can be continually improved.

In 2013,  OKBB Sdn Bhd was accorded the ISO 9001 certification.

This is how committed we are to quality.

The goals of OKBB ISO Quality Policy are focused on:

  • Continuously meeting or exceeding our trade customers’ expectations
  • Ensuring safety and quality of our product
  • Timely delivery of products and services to meet our trade customers’ requirements
  • Continual improvement of our processes and systems by complying with ISO 9001 standards and other applicable requirements
  • Ensuring our personnel is adequately trained and competent to better able to perform the assigned functions and serve customers.

3.   In Being Family at OKBB

We are family at OKBB.   Together, we fly like birds of a feather.

Twenty years ago, OKBB’s founder created a people development statement that would guide everyone in the organization.

“Like a family,  we support one another,  we live and work happily and harmoniously together,   we learn and grow together.   See me as a parent who wants to see each and every one of you grow and develop to achieve better things in life.”

4.    In Caring

Bettering the life of local communities is important to who we are as a company.  Our social responsibility policy combines our products and people with our values to improve the lives of those in local communities through OKBB “Love and Care” community programs that focus on helping, caring and mentoring less fortunate children.

Our Promise, Aspiration, Commitments

Our Promise

For babies,   where there is Care, may we bring Quality.

For parents,  where there is Love,  may we bring Joy.

This is our promise and our values that guide us in what we do every day for our customers.

Our Aspiration

We aspire to build OKBB  a household name and a brand remembered for superior baby products and excellent services that will last from generation to generation.

Our Commitments

In everything we do,  we are guided by OKBB ISO Quality Policy for continued process and personnel improvements to make timely-produced, safe, quality and well-designed baby products that exceed our customers’ expectations time and again.