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OKBB Wide Neck Teats 2's (S)
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OKBB Wide Neck Teats 2's (S)

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Brand: OKBB
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OKBB Wide Neck Teats 2's (S) :

  1. Extra Slow Flows (WT-X-CUT) : Suitable For Baby 0-3 Months
  2. Slow Flows (WT-S) : Suitable For Baby 0-3 Months
  3. Medium Flows (WT-M) : Suitable For Baby 3-6 Months
  4. Large Flows (WT-L) : Suitable For Baby 6 Months And Above



  • Wide Neck
  • Set of 2pcs
  • BPA free
  • Non-Toxic
  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Anti-Colic


  • Inspect before each use and pull feeding teat in all direction
  • To prevent a possible choking hazard, test strength regularly by pulling hard on stem
  • If nipple becomes cracked, torn or shows other signs of excess wear, discontinued use immediately
  • Do not attempt to enlarge hole in nipple with a pin or other sharp object, as this will cause tearing
  • Always use this product with adult supervision
  • Do not use corrosive or anti – bacteria cleaners, chemical solutions, or concentrated cleaners
  • Do not place components directly on surfaces that have been cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaners
  • Always assemble teats and screw ring when wet
  • To avoid damage to the teat, do not allow babies that are teething to feed for extended periods



  • Before each use, it should be cleaned by water
  • Place in boiling water for five minutes or sterilize using electric or microwave sterilizer


Thank You For Your Understanding.