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OKBB Fresh Food Feeder ( FS-110)
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OKBB Fresh Food Feeder ( FS-110)

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OKBB Fresh Food Feeder is design for your baby to adapt to the different taste of foods without choking risk.

This product is safe, innovative hygienic and convenient :

  • BPA Free
  • Easy Grasp Handle
  • Hygienic & Convenient
  • Included Bonus Feeder
  • Ideal use For Fruits, Veggies , Meat & Fish
  • Suitable For Baby Above 6 Months


  1. Choose the silicone spout according to the width of baby’s mouth.
  2. Simply put a piece of fruit, vegetables , meat or fish into the silicone spout and snap shut.
  3. Baby can easily chew , suck and enjoy all the whole food goodness and taste with only the tiniest digestible pieces coming through.
  4. EQ : Guide baby to have food consciously , cultivate baby’s independence and confidence level to develop baby’s coordination of mouth and hands.
  5. IQ : Help baby’s brain teeth ridge and relief baby’s pain when tooth growth. It is help to exercise the baby chewing muscles and to ease teething discomfort.


  1. Wash and sterilize all parts before and after use.
  2. Insert the silicone spout to chewing.
  3. Pull the spout out with the ‘pop’ sound for secure seal.
  4. Cut the food into small pieces.
  5. Use a spoon to fill up the food in the spout.
  6. Clip and click the ring on handle.
  7. Always check the food temperature before handle it to baby.
  8. Do not allow your baby to crawl, walk or run with this product on hand or in the mouth.
  9. This product is not microwaveable.

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